14th Mar 2023
1 minute read

Cork Gully opens Jersey office

Cork Gully is delighted to announce the opening of its new office which will focus on replacing trustees and directors to preserve value where the existing fiduciaries cannot, or will not, continue due to a conflict of interest or dispute...

We are prepared to act as independent trustees, to manage trust assets in order to preserve value where there is a conflict of interest or dispute. Such disputes or inaction by the trustees can cause a breakdown of relationships to the detriment of the beneficiaries. In doing so we can help resolve the issues while protecting the assets of the trust. We are used to taking on tough assignments requiring a range of skills. We often act as directors in a corporate capacity both onshore and offshore, skills that we apply when managing a trust.

Cork Gully’s partners have held senior management positions acting as executive directors, non-executive directors and independent directors in multiple jurisdictions. Such a wealth of experience ensures a thorough understanding of a business and its needs, allowing for the smooth implementation of both financial and operational change. As an independent director we offer impartiality and experience in helping to manage disputes between stakeholders. We can, if necessary, replace the incumbent directors, taking control of the board in order to restore confidence as an alternative to a formal insolvency process. We are accomplished in managing risk and making robust decisions in difficult circumstances.

The opening of the Jersey office comes after the recent opening of our Guernsey office and will shortly be followed by new offices in Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Singapore and New York. We are excited to share details of these new offices and the services they will offer in the coming months.